Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Lady of Sorrows

It is an inevitable fact that there is sorrow in this world. There are people who are suffering and sorrow is part of their lives and ours too at one time or the other. During such times Our Lady of Sorrows proves to be a shining paradigm.

On 15th September we celebrate the memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. This feast originated in 1230 A.D when the seven founders of the Servite Order took up the sorrows of Mary, standing under the Cross, as the principal devotion of their order. A second feast was granted to the Servites, on September 15, 1668. This feast focused on the seven dolours or sorrows of Mary which consists of the prophecy of Simeon, the flight into Egypt, the loss of Jesus in the temple, meeting Jesus on His way to Calvary, standing at the foot of the Cross, receiving the dead body of Jesus and the burial of Christ.

Saint Ambrose sees Mary as a sorrowful yet powerful figure at the foot of the Cross. Mary stood fearlessly beneath the cross while others fled. She faced her extreme anguish and sorrows with total trust in God. How do we cope with extreme sorrow in our lives? Do we chicken out or like Mary remain strong with faith in a God who loves us and cares for us?

O sweet Mother! Fount of love!
Touch my spirit from above,
Make my heart with thine accord.
(Excerpt taken from the Stabat Mater Dolorosa)

Article written by Cl. Leon Cruz Ratinam SDB (Not yet published)

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