Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Light in the Dark !

An eighteen year old girl told her mother about her decision to be a missionary. The girl’s mother was inconsolable, but the next day she said to her young daughter, ‘Put your hand in His and walk all the way with Him.’ Soon the girl was sailing at sea when she collected her sentiments in a poem:

I’m leaving my dear house
And my beloved land
To steamy Bengal go I
To a distant shore.
I’m leaving my old friends
Forsaking family and home
My heart draws me onward
To serve my Christ.

The life of this ‘pencil in God’s hand’ continues to fascinate the world. People of all creeds and walks of life recognised the selfless love and compassion of Blessed Mother Teresa for the poorest of the poor. She was a light to the world. The voice ‘Come be my light’ kept pleading in the ears of Mother Teresa while she was at the Loreto Convent. In the book, ‘Mother Teresa - Come be my Light’ by Brian Kolodiejchuk, Mother Teresa says – “If I ever become a saint – I will surely be one of darkness. I will continually be absent from Heaven – to light the light of those in darkness on earth.” This world immersed in the darkness of violence, indifference, racism, selfishness, atheism has Blessed Mother Teresa reflecting the light of Christ to the humanity of present times. Let us pass on this light of Christ in our own small ways.

Article written by Cl. Leon Cruz Ratinam SDB (Not yet published)

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